Chair: Revd Canon Jane Brooke (Vice Dean and Canon Missioner at Chester Cathedral)

Honorary Treasurer: Antony Austin (Chester Cathedral)

Secretary: Jackie Holderness (formerly of Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford)

Co-Secretary: Sarah Page (formerly of Portsmouth Cathedral)

Council Members

  • Canon Jane Brooke (Chair; Chester Cathedral)
  • Antony Austin (Acting Honorary Treasurer; Chester Cathedral)
  • Jackie Holderness (Secretary; Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford)
  • Sarah Page (Co-Secretary – Ex Officio)
  • Laura Arends (Westminster Abbey)
  • Gillian Bunn (Wakefield Cathedral)
  • Clark Brydon (St Patrick’s Cathedral, Dublin)
  • Daniel Parnell (Worcester Cathedral)
  • Yvonne Pearson (Liverpool Cathedral)
  • Lisa Power (York Minster)
  • Dr Jane Southward (OLW)
  • Jen Stratford (Chester Cathedral)
  • Phil Stevens (Ely Cathedral)
  • Canon Kevin Walton (St Albans Cathedral)


Cathedrals Plus is a fully democratic institution governed by a Council of fifteen members elected for a three-year term on a rotational basis at the Annual General Meeting. It is a registered charity with the Council Members acting as trustees and is responsible to the Charity Commission for the proper conduct of its affairs.