Chair: Revd Canon Jane Brooke (Vice Dean and Canon Missioner at Chester Cathedral)

Honorary Treasurer: Antony Austin (Chester Cathedral)

Secretary: Jackie Holderness (formerly of Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford)

Co-Secretary: Sarah Page (formerly of Portsmouth Cathedral)

Council Members

  • Canon Jane Brooke (Chair; Chester Cathedral)
  • Antony Austin (Acting Honorary Treasurer; Chester Cathedral)
  • Jackie Holderness (Secretary; Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford)
  • Sarah Page (Co-Secretary – Ex Officio)
  • Laura Arends (Westminster Abbey)
  • Gillian Bunn (Wakefield Cathedral)
  • Clark Brydon (St Patrick’s Cathedral, Dublin)
  • Daniel Parnell (Worcester Cathedral)
  • Yvonne Pearson (Liverpool Cathedral)
  • Lisa Power (York Minster)
  • Dr Jane Southward (OLW)
  • Jen Stratford (Chester Cathedral)
  • Phil Stevens (Ely Cathedral)
  • Canon Kevin Walton (St Albans Cathedral)


Cathedrals Plus is a fully democratic institution governed by a Council of fifteen members elected for a three-year term on a rotational basis at the Annual General Meeting. It is a registered charity with the Council Members acting as trustees and is responsible to the Charity Commission for the proper conduct of its affairs.

Minutes of the AGM held January 2024 at Worcester Cathedral can be viewed here.