Cathedrals and Churches of all denominations from around the world, receiving significant numbers of visitors.
Annual conferences, which bring together clergy and laity, who have responsibility for visitor engagement and education.
Regional meetings, newsletters, and a resource hub for sharing ideas and materials are all available to members.
Pressure Group
Consultation on education-related topics, for example in the Heritage sector and the Manifesto for Learning Outside the Classroom
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Cathedrals Plus has as members Cathedrals and Churches of all denominations who receive significant numbers of visitors and is international in its membership. These include almost all Church of England Cathedrals, plus Irish and Welsh Cathedrals, shrines and pilgrimage sites across the UK. We also have membership from Methodist and Roman Catholic places of worship, and include Abbeys and Minsters such as Sherborne and Buckfast Abbeys. Some of our members are large or greater churches and a significant number of parish churches are also joining us. We welcome enquiries from any organisation seeking to develop their visitor welcome and education provision.

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Isabelle Lepore, Adult Learning Officer at St Albans, shares her insights on St Albans Cathedral’s visitor programme with us as this month’s guest blogger. Enjoy! ‘What is it that drives a wealth of learning?’ I was asked this question recently and one word sprang to mind: